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Drop your buffs, this is the merge

We go in house with Liz and Dan, who have been touted as being one of Perth’s top power couples (thanks PerthNow). Liz is a 2-time Olympian, winner of Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains, Marketing Manager at StreetX and founder of Elevateu (she busy).

Modern white front elevation with skillion roof.

Dan is the owner and director of Perth based streetwear brand StreetX (also busy) and is known to his loyal Instagram followers as Gucci Smoothie. Dan is renowned for his ingenious campaigns, big time collaborations with other brands, and as a leader in combining pop culture with streetwear.

With or without the PerthNow power couple title, it’s easy to see that these are two pretty dope people with their finger on the pulse of fashion and lifestyle. So, what does home look like for two creative people with unique style and enviable individuality?

Well, it looks like a mixture of classic, natural, contemporary, and bold style, in a large family home perched atop a hill. After searching for a move from West Leederville to be closer to the ocean, they continued looking until they found their dream home. The sweeping views, open plan design, and tick of approval from fur babies Starke and Belka sealed the deal.

“I love how our view is of the stunning treetops of the suburbs, and I love the high ceilings and open spaces. The only thing I don’t like is the size, as cleaning is now a lengthy process.”

The walls of ceiling high east facing windows fill the living room with natural sunlight, and provide beautiful views of the pool below, and the landscape beyond. It’s giving LA hills in the summertime, and there is no wonder this is their most loved space in the house.

In this room, you can begin to get a feel for the style of the home. The dark wood floors have been thoughtfully made a feature in the way they have styled the home, complemented by pops of colour to keep things fresh. With more confidence than most, and a keen eye for style, Dan began the interior design process solo while Liz was being a bad ass on a stranded island for Survivor.

“Dan started off the styling process [of our home] while I was at Survivor. Thankfully we have very similar tastes!”

The styling inspiration for the home was mid-century, and it has been executed just as perfectly as Liz in an immunity challenge. Furniture with clean lines and natural materials, original flooring and ceiling beams that give an organic feel to the home, all contrasted by bright colours, and graphic art. StreetX pieces feature throughout the interior, cleverly worked in to elevate the space.

When not basking in the sunlight with the dogs on their modular couch, Liz and Dan are enjoying what their home has to offer. Strolls down the quiet streets to General Public or Mary Street for coffee and treats, with a trip to Empire Village if they feel like something a little different.

Helmut Newton coffee table book on the timber shelf of the  Jasper king living modular fabric sofa

Archie rattan arched mirror styled in dining room with linen round pendant light and mid century modern timber dining table

Between coffee shop stops, and planning the next StreetX drops, they are spending time by the pool where you will find common edit’s Elijah sitting pretty, warding off the mosquitos, and carrying that mid-century style outdoors. The next member of the common edit family lives just outside the newly built downstairs sauna. Jack is there lending a hand (and three legs) as the beautiful yet practical portable hydration station.

Water station with glass jug and cups on Jack three legged wooden stool outside of home sauna

Our favourite common edit addition is the rich chocolate brown velvet cord custom made bed head featured in Liz and Dan’s bedroom. It speaks to their effortlessly cool style and brings that deep brown colour palette into the light bedroom, complemented by modern chrome, and accents of colour.

Minimalistic styled bedroom with chocolate brown corduroy bedhead styled with marine blue linen bedsheets and a chrome lamp

We admire those who can articulate themselves through their style so simply, and Dan and Liz are the epitome of this. Unafraid to be truly themselves, and in doing so creating trends, and taking thousands of others along for the ride with them. With this stunning home, it seems the mix of competitiveness, creativity, confidence, work ethic, and fashion make for an incredible interior style, and magazine worthy home.


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